The Photo:

To kick-off, the participants will be escorted to the field where they will have their ALL-TEAM Photo taken before breaking into teams.  From here they will engage in field competitions that will be judged by our team facilitators and prizes given at the end of the event by the client.

The Competition:


Each team member will punt the ball one time.  The measurement (in feet) will be recorded for each player and the longest punt from the entire team will be recorded in the “TOTAL” column.


Each player will pass the ball one time.  If the pass is complete, the length of the pass in yards will be recorded for the passer.  If the pass is complete, 0 will be recorded.  All yardage is added and the total is recorded for the team.


Team members will have the opportunity to catch the ball once from the NFL jugs machine!  When the ball is caught, one point will be awarded per player.   Zero points are awarded if the ball is not caught.


The Drill:

“Hey Beer Man!” has new meaning when you compete in the Concessionaire Race.  This race will be timed trials between teams where they need to fill beverage cups with water, race up and down the stands and the winning team will be one with the most water in the end.

Cheerleading Competition

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders may lead the teams in a team cheer!  Each team can be judged by the uniformed cheerleaders of the following: coordination, level of difficulty and loudness!

Note: There is an additional fee for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, however they are not required for the Cheerleading Competition.

The Details

Each team will have a facilitator to run the activities and the participants will be given instructions as a group prior to the overall event.  Following the competition, the score will be calculated and summarized on a customized scorecard and provided to the client for announcement and distribution of prizes.  There is a scheduled lunch hour built into each team building program (please see below for catering information).

Additional Competitive Activity Options

  • Trivia Contest
  • All Pro Dress Up, Dress Down
  • Play Calling Competition
  • Speed Drills

Additional Entertainment Options

  • Background Digital Music
  • Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader Appearances
  • Custom Message on ArrowVision
  • Photo with Mascot KC Wolf
  • Group Stadium Tours


All catering arrangements are handled by our in-house caterers.  Your group will enjoy lunch in our one of a kind Ford Fan Zone overlooking the stadium!  Lunch will be served as a buffet and casual dining tables will be appropriately positioned to complete the lunch set up.  You can contact them directly for sample menus and associated cost.

     Levy Restaurants
     Contact: Angel Smith
     Phone: 816.924.4000
     Email: ansmith@levyrestaurants.com

Additional Information

For additional information and pricing please call 816-920-4896, events@goarrowhead.com or complete the form below.