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Overnight Parking

Arrowhead Stadium does not permit any overnight parking for any vehicles including RV’s/Buses for NFL games or other events.

Oversize Vehicles

If a vehicle is deemed to be too large for one parking space, guest may be directed to another parking location and be required to pay additional fees. One parking space per pass. If we deem your vehicle to be too large for one space, you  may be directed to another parking area and/or required to purchase an Oversize vehicle pass (2 parking spaces) or Bus/RV pass(more than 2 parking spaces).

Class A & C Buses and RVs require a Bus/RV parking pass and will be directed to park on the north side of Dubiner Circle.

Oversize vehicles are Class B Buses, RVs or any vehicle that extends beyond one parking space but still fits within two spaces without impeding the emergency vehicle lane. Oversize vehicle passes are available in General, Red and Gold parking lots. Should you currently have two passes for your oversize vehicle or have further questions, please contact the Customer Relations Department at 816.920.4237 and we would be more than happy to switch these passes out for one Oversize pass. Please note that oversize parking passes are not intended to be used to gain an additional space for tailgating.