Security Protocol


Security Screening: For your safety, prior to entering stadium gates, all guests will be subject to security screening which may include pat downs and inspections of all bags and items entering the stadium. Any prohibited items must be returned to your vehicle. To ensure that you are in your seat in time for event start, please allow an extra 30 minutes at the stadium gate entrances.

No Re-entry: Once you exit through the stadium gates, regardless of whether you have a ticket stub, you are not permitted back into the stadium.

Permitted and Prohibited Items

Permitted Items: The following items are permitted with inspection into the Arrowhead Stadium:

  • Purses no larger than 8½” x 11” x 6” (must fit in template at the gate as you enter the stadium)
  • Blankets (not in a carrier)
  • Banners, signs and flags (no larger than 3’ x 5’) are permitted as long as they do not interfere with other guests
  • Small diaper bags (if infant is with guest)
  • Breast pump and supplies
  • Plastic baby bottles (if infant is with guest)
  • Binoculars and case
  • Small still camera and case
  • Hand-held radios and TVs are permitted if they do not interfere with other guests – an ear piece must be used to listen
  • Seat cushion – lightweight foam with sealed plastic cover
  • One facotry sealed 20 oz. or smaller bottle of water

Prohibited Items: For safety and security, the following items are prohibited in Arrowhead Stadium:

  • Firearms, weapons of any type or fireworks
  • Bags larger than 8½” x 11” x 6“
  • All backpacks
  • Sports balls
  • Coolers – any size, any type
  • Plastic, metal or glass cups, cans or containers
  • Thermos bottles or flasks
  • Food
  • Beer or liquor
  • Professional cameras/lenses
  • Boom boxes
  • Portable heaters
  • Flammable liquids
  • Noisemakers – air horns, klaxon, bells, whistles, etc.
  • Laser pointers of any type, poles or rods
  • Large strollers
  • Floor mats
  • Any other items deemed dangerous or unacceptable by security