To help support the Chiefs’ sustainability initiative, Extra Yard for the Environment, the organization is hosting a community-wide recycling drive at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. A number of local vendors will be on hand to help facilitate the most encompassing one-stop recycling opportunity for metro-area residents. 

Listing of Accepted Items and Vendor Drop Off Order

 If you have many items to recycle with multiple vendors, please pack your vehicles using the below list as your guide. Items for Vintage Tech Recyclers should be packed into your vehicles last as they will be the first recycling stop. Likewise, if you have non-perishable food donations for Harvesters, please pack those first as they will be the last collection point at the recycling drive.

1. Vintage Tech Recyclers:

Accepting the following items: Cable boxes, cell and land line phones, computers/laptops, LCD monitors, cords, MP3 players, printers, stereos, TVs/projectors, VCR/DVD players, video game consoles, cameras, blenders and coffee makers (no glass), fans, hair dryers, heaters, holiday lights, irons,  electric tools, microwaves, radios, toaster, vacuum cleaners no bag. Fees: $5 CRT style TV, $15—Wood Console and DLP TV.

2. Beck Tire International:

Accepting small tires (ATV, lawn mower, motorcycle), medium tires (passenger, light truck), large tires, truck tires and semi-truck tires. Limited to 10 tires per person; minimal costs involved.

3. Langley Recycling:

Accepting non-working appliances, cast iron bathtubs and steam radiators, kitchen sinks, lawn mowers with drained fluids, sheet metal, cable wire, car parts, aluminum, metal frames with glass removed, old A/C units, electric motors

4. Allied Waste:

Accepting comingle and fibers. These include: PETs (like pop and water bottles), HDPEs (like milk and juice jugs), detergent containers, PVCs (like household cleaner containers), LDPEs (like margarine tubs and 6 pack rings), PPs (like yogurt cups and syrup bottles), Polystyrene, plastics, plastic buckets, paper and cardboard products.

5. Goodwill:

Accepting clothing, accessories, books footwear, toys, linens and house ware.  All items must be in good used condition.

6. Habitat for Humanity Restore:

Accepting building supplies including lumber (6 ft +), sheet goods (1/4 sheet +), roofing, brick, fencing, door supplies, new insulation, trim, siding (uncut or 6 ft +), tile (full), window treatments. Landscaping, Flooring, Furniture, Kitchen Supplies, Electrical Fixtures (no bulbs), Plumbing, and Tools

7. Harvesters:

Accepting all non-perishable food items excluding anything in a glass container