Tailgating and Parking FAQs

Q. Who do I contact to set up a tailgate party with tents, tables and much more?
A. Enhance your Arrowhead experience with a customized tailgate party for your guests and let the Chiefs coordinate this event for you. Tailgate options are available by calling 816.920.4824 or emailing groups@kcchiefs.org.

Q. What do I do if I have vehicle problems at Arrowhead?
A. Tow trucks are on the property in the parking lots to assist guests who encounter problems with their vehicles, before, during or after stadium events. Please call the Customer Relations at 816.920.4237 if you are in need of assistance.

Q. Where should I park so that my parking space is on the same side of the stadium as my seats?
A. Please reference the map above.

Q. Where is the drop off and pick up point for buses, limos and taxis?
A. The drop off and pick up point is located northeast of the stadium on the corner of Lot M and Lot A on Red Coat Drive. Vehicles must enter Gate 1 for drop off service.

Q. Can I use a sound system in the parking lot for tailgating?
A. The volume of music or sound systems in the parking lots should be kept at a level in which it does not interfere with the enjoyment of fellow guests. It is at the discretion of Kansas City Chiefs staff and parking attendants to handle the situation appropriately if they feel the volume is too loud.

Q. Am I able to sell items or tickets in the parking lot?
A. It is illegal to sell your tickets, regardless of price, inside the confines of the Truman Sports Complex. To do so on the property is to risk arrest.

No person can solicit contributions or distribute literature, such as pamphlets, information cards, etc., on stadium property or parking facilities without obtaining written consent from the Kansas City Chiefs. Selling or sampling any goods or services in the Truman Sports Complex around Arrowhead Stadium or in the surrounding area (including parking lots) without permission is strictly prohibited.

Q. How do I receive assistance from the parking lot to the stadium?
A. The Chiefs have several passenger carts that tour the parking lots and offer assistance to the stadium gates on a first-come first-served basis.

Cart assistance begins 2 1/2  hours prior to the event and runs through the start of the event.

Gamedays: Assistance back to the parking lots begins at the start of the third quarter and continues for 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game. Call Customer Relations on gamedays at 816-920-4237 for assistance.

Special Events: Assistance back to the parking lots will run continuously. Call Customer Relations on event days at 816-920-4237 for assistance.

Q. Where is bus parking located and what is the price?
A. Bus parking is located in the gravel area behind Lot N, grass areas and in limited spaces in Lot A on a first-come, first-served basis for $65.

Q. Do you offer overnight parking?
A. Overnight parking is prohibited at Arrowhead Stadium.

Q. Do you offer public bus transportation to the stadium?
A. For your convenience, bus transportation is available to Arrowhead on select stadium events by Kincaid. Reservations are made online at www.kincaidcoach.com or via phone at 913.441.6200.