Name: Tony Reed
Position:  Running Back
How Acquired:  Draft (No. 2 – 1977)
Career:  1977 – 1980
College: University of Colorado
Birth Date:  March 30, 1955
Birth Place:  San Francisco, California

Tony Reed has traveled all over the world, with his father being a career military man.  He went to elementary school in Reims, France, and graduated from High School in Tokyo, Japan.  His Jr. Varsity Basketball coach was visiting a college in northern Arizona, while on vacation, and brought along some film on Tony.  The coach suggested a Junior College in California, and several broken records later he ended up in Boulder, Colorado, playing for the Buffaloes.  A team that won the Big Eight title, and went to the Orange Bowl, his Senior Year.

In 1978, Tony became only the second player, in Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs history, to rush for 1,000 yards.  In that same year he also led his team in receptions.  Amongst the other running backs that rushed for 1,000 or more yards, Tony had the highest yards per carry, at (5.1) Tony has consistently stated, that if he had a choice in how he would be remembered, as a Chief, it would be that he was a complete running back.  Not only was he an accomplished runner and receiver, but he was pound for pound one of the best blockers on the team.