Name: Ed Budde
Position:  Guard
How Acquired:  Draft (No. 1B – 1963)
Career:  1963 – 1976
College:  Michigan State
Birth Date:  November 2, 1940
Birth Place:  Highland Park, Michigan
Employer:  Retired


The news release read:  “Offensive Player of the Week in the American Football League:  Ed Budde”. The Kansas City Chiefs starting guard was, indeed, the AFL’s Player of the Week.  It was the first time in the League’s history that an offensive lineman had won the honor.  It showed what the “rock” of the Chiefs offensive line meant to his team. Ed was the offensive captain for the 1963  AFL All-Star Team.

A member of the All-Time AFL Team, the product of Michigan State was the team’s No. 1 draft pick in 1963 and the 3rd pick overall. He went on to enjoy a stellar career that lasted 14 years – longer than any other player to wear the Chiefs crimson and gold, with the exception of punter Jerrell Wilson.

He was the heart of the group of interior lineman who made their living in “the pit”.  He made life a bit easier for the Dawson, Garrett’s, Podolak’s and Taylor’s.  He helped them earn their spot in the limelight, then used his extraordinary skill to rise above the anonymity of the line and enjoy national recognition himself.   His explosive blocks would spring a back or keep Dawson away from defenders so that he could complete pass after pass.

Budde appeared in six AFL All-Star Games, the first two Pro-Bowl Games and  anchored the offensive line for two Chiefs championship teams (Super bowl I and IV).  He was inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame in 1983. Other honors and awards  include being inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in 1998 as well as the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 2012. In 1976, he was  the first recipient of the Spartan’s Alumni MSU Duffy Daugherty Award, which is awarded for a distinguished person on/off the field following graduation.

Aside from football, Budde was a member of the Denby High School Band and Orchestra where he played the trumpet. He continued to play at MSU in the ROTC Drum and Bugle Corp. He received his B.S. and Missouri Public Teachers Certificate.

When his playing days were over, Budde enjoyed watching his son, Brad, play offensive line for eight seasons. This was the first time that a father and son were No. 1 draft picks for the same team and same position.  Ed, and his wife, Carolyn, make their home in Overland Park, Kansas.