General Information


Alcohol Policy: Alcohol sales will cease soon after Kenny Chesney takes the stage.  It is at management’s discretion to stop the sale of alcohol earlier if deemed necessary.

  • State law requires that all persons consuming alcohol be at least 21 years of age.
  • If you are under the age of 35, you will be asked to show valid identification indicating your age prior to purchasing any alcoholic beverages. If it is determined you used a false ID, you may be subject to arrest.
  • Only two (2) alcoholic beverages per ID may be purchased at a time.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be sold to anyone perceived to be alcohol impaired or intoxicated.

ATMs: At least two ATMs are located on each level of the stadium (Field, Scout Investments Club and Upper End Zone).

  • Field Level Locations: 106; 114; 124
  • Scout Investments Club Level Locations: 209; 231
  • Upper Level Locations: 304; 327

Concert Souvenirs: Official 2012 “Brothers of the Sun” concert souvenirs will be available for purchase.  Outside the stadium, merchandise tents will be stationed at the Tailgate Party in Lot M, the Sprint Gate, Hy-Vee Gate and Gate F.  Merchandise tents will be stationed at various locations on all levels of the stadium including the floor.  These tents will feature items from all of the performers.

Elevators: Elevators are located throughout the stadium and are available to any ticket holder requiring special assistance on event day. The End Zone elevators may be used by Upper Level End Zone and Scout Investments Club Level guests to access the street-level designated smoking areas. Elevator locations are as follows:

  • South side: Two elevators with access to the lower, plaza, Scout Investments Club an upper levels.   Two elevators with access to the plaza, Scout Investments Club, sideline and Ford Fan Zone.
  • West side:  Two elevators with access to the lower, Scout Investments Club, and end zone upper levels.
  • North side: Two elevators with access to lower, Scout Investments Club and sideline upper level

First Aid: First aid stations are located at the following locations:

  • Floor and Field Level Locations:  114; 132
  • Scout Investments Club Level Locations:  241
  • Upper End Zone Locations:  316; 339
  • Upper Side Line Locations: 307; 329

Floor and Sand Bar Access: Floor and Sand Bar ticketed guests will receive a specific wristband that will grant them access to the Floor or Sand Bar area.  To retrieve the wristband, please enter the stadium via Gate F (located on the Southwest corner of the stadium) or the Hy-Vee Gate (located on the Northwest corner of the stadium).  Only guests with a ticket and a wristband to these areas will be able to enter the floor area.  Please use one of the following stair locations to enter the floor area:

  • Stairs between sections: 121 & 122
  • Stairs between sections: 122 & 123
  • Stairs between sections: 125 & 126
  • Stairs between sections: 127 & 128
  • Stairs between sections: 128 & 129
  • Stairs between sections: 130 & 131
  • Stairs between sections: 132 & 133
  • Stairs between sections: 133 & 134
  • Stairs between sections: 134 & 135

Sections will be labeled on the signs at the top of the sections.

Smoking Policy: Smoking areas have been designated at Arrowhead Stadium. Smoking is prohibited in the seating bowl and all areas of the stadium except the designated areas listed below:

  • At the top of the Field Level End Zone stairs behind sections 110 and 128
  • Designated areas at the four corner entry gates, within the red boundaries, on street level only
  • Sections of the Upper Sideline Level bars
  • Press Level exterior stairwells

Strobe Effects: Guests sensitive to rapidly flashing lights, be aware that strobe effects will be used during the concert.

Tips for Staying Cool and Safe: In anticipation of extreme heat, it is vitally important to protect yourself from the elements by staying hydrated, using sun protection and wearing light colored, loose fit clothing.

Water fountains are conveniently located throughout the stadium.  Bottled water is available for purchase at all concession stands.  You may also bring one factory sealed, 20 oz. or smaller bottle of water.

Please wear and bring sun screen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more.  If you or someone with you experiences any difficulties as a result of the heat while in the stadium, please visit the nearest First Aid Booth.